1.          Climbing Mount Rainier
2.          Hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains
3.          Canoeing and kayaking the great whitewater rivers of the Mid-Atlantic states
4.          Canoeing and kayaking the great whitewater rivers of the Southeast
5.          Paddling the Chattooga River where Deliverance was filmed
6.          Kayaking the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon
7.          Climbing Mount St. Helens
8.          Trekking thru the Swiss Alps
9.          Climbing peaks in the French Alps
10.        Canoeing the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon
11.        Climbing Colorado's 14,000 footers
12.        Climbing the highpoints in Arizona and New Mexico
13.        Climbing Mt. Rogers, the highpoint in Virginia, with the Shetland Ponies
14.        Kayaking Colorado's great whitewater rivers
15.        Trekking thru the Scottish Highlands
16.        Climbing Ben Nevis, the highpoint in the British Isles
17.        Kayaking the "River of No Return," Middle Fork and Salmon Rivers in Idaho
18.        Kayaking the great whitewater rivers of the Northwest
19.        Sea kayaking the Bay of Notre Dame on the coast of Newfoundland
20.        Climbing Gros Morne Peak in Newfoundland
21.        Kayaking the great whitewater rivers of Costa Rica
22.        Climbing Volcano Turialba in Costa Rica
23.        Sea kayaking the Saquenay Fjord in Quebec
24.        Biking the paved bike trails of Florida
25.        Biking the paved bike trails of Louisiana and Mississippi
26.        Climbing Mount Emery, the highpoint in the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend N.P.
27.        Hiking the trails of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park
28.        Kayaking the Santa Elena Canyon on the Rio Grande
29.        Hiking the Davis Mountains of Western Texas
30.        Climbing Guadalupe Peak, the highpoint in Texas
31.        Hiking the canyons and cliff dwellings of the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico
32.        Kayaking Florida's rivers and swamps
33.        Kayaking with the Manatees along the coast of Florida
34.        Kayaking with the alligators in Okeefenokee Swamp
35.        Sea kayaking the coast of Anticosti Island in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence
36.        Biking the Katy Bike Trail in Missouri
37.        Kayaking the Arkansas River thru Royal Gorge in Colorado
38.        Climbing the great mountains of southern Arizona
39.        Biking the bike trails of Texas
40.        Kayaking the great whitewater rivers of Quebec
41.        Biking the Confederation Bike Trail across Prince Edward Island
42.        Sea Kayaking the Coast of Prince Edward Island
43.        Mountain biking Seminole Canyon in South Texas
44.        Backcountry skiing hut-to-hut in the Chic Choc Mountains of Quebec
45.        Cross-country skiing the Quebec City area
46.        Running the Quebec City Half-Marathon
47.        Riding the east coast bike trails
48.        Bike paths and hiking trails in the Raleigh Durham area
49.        Adventure travels in New Zealand
50.        Hiking the Routeburn and Kepler Tracks in New Zealand
51.        Hiking peaks in New Zealand
52.        Sea Kayaking Milford and Doubtful Sounds in New Zealand
53.        Mountain biking in New Zealand
54.        Sea Kayaking the lower St. Lawrence River
55.        Biking Mineral Belt Bike Path in Leadville, CO

Mount Rainier
Anticosti Island
Photo - Ken Gordon